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The Queue: The Fastest Growing Space for Brands

There’s a new branded environment forming on high streets around the world. 

The queue.

And it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting for brands. It’s a new reality for all retail outlets who are COVID secure, as numbers in store are limited and distancing rules are both relaxed and enforced. 

But that means a whole raft of new social and physical and digital interactions for us to contend with. Some will be possibilities, some opportunities and some will be barriers.

In association with our creative partner The Liberty Guild, our latest survey captures how consumers are feeling about social distancing, queuing and with crowds in general, as we move out of lockdown. 

The research uncovers four key themes from which there are clear implications for
both brands and retailers:

To understand how your brand can respond to the above themes and ensure you are meeting your consumers expectations as they experience this new environment you should:

The only place you can do all this in one place, at speed, with the control you need, is with the Catalyx Activation System.

To receive your copy of the report, please click here.

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