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It’s not qual or quant. It’s Think, Feel, Do & Want

Forever, consumer research has always been neatly packaged into doing qual research for the deep dive and quant research for validation. Two approaches, two skills, two teams, two places to spend budget.

But instead of thinking in a qual or quant way, we should view research through a combination of different lenses that include both qual and quant together AND in a way that meets the ever changing needs of the modern consumer.

If you consider instead what a consumer thinks, feels, does & wants, with combined qual and quant activities for each, then you are able to capture both verbatim and metric data in the same place, and build better insights. For example you could:  

By combining qual and quant together under these lenses at the same time, you give context to each element and build far stronger insights and make better business decisions. As well as saving time and budget.

The only place you can combine qual & quant with Think, Feel, Do & Want in one place and have the flexibility and control you need is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System. If you would like to know more please click below to get in touch. 

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