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COVID-19 Voice of the Consumer Series: Working From Home

Many things have changed, including the increase in working from home. If you’ve been following us recently you would have seen our Coronavirus Voice of the Consumer tracking we completed as the virus spread across the US, UK, and Italy.

The virus took hold, and we’ve shifted focus towards how people are now dealing with the “new normal” using our unique Consumer Activation System to create a dedicated COVID-19 Voice of the Consumer Community.

We’ll be providing fresh insights from this crowd of consumers as they tell us what they THINK, FEEL, WANT and DO during these unique times, and what brands could be doing to react.

This week, we’ve been asking what it’s been like for consumers working from home. They told us:

Working from home laptop with busy video meeting on screen

Brands of all types could support these behaviours by communicating usage occasions to help consumers create better environments and routines. In addition, helpful advice or tools such as online planners to ensure the household chores are not left behind could be well received, and any advice around childcare would certainly be appreciated.

If you would like to know more about how you can discover fresh insights about your consumers in the new normal, then please email us or click below.

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