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Coronavirus Voice of the Consumer Part 5: Balancing mental, physical and economic health

With our 5th wave of insights across US, UK and Italy, we’re seeing consumers across markets struggling with how to balance competing needs across their physical health, mental health and economic health.

We can see this struggle manifest in common behaviour shifts across markets – people are showering, socialising, working and shopping less often – and spending more time cleaning, sleeping, watching TV and playing video games. 

Americans are showing their stress across the three needs, and taking a mixed view of how the government is handling the situation. Isolation is beginning to hit the Brits hard, and many believe the government should have done more earlier on. Italians meanwhile are feeling demoralised and are struggling to see a path forward. 

As the “new normal” has set in across European and North American markets, we’ll shift gears in the coming weeks to focus on taking a closer look at how consumers’ day-to-day lives are being impacted across countries. We’ve activated a Crowd of >100 consumers from across Europe and the US to engage with us for several weeks and share with us their new normal – we’re collecting thousands of data points (text, numeric, visual and video) to provide in-depth insight into exactly what consumers are thinking, feeling, doing and wanting as they navigate the coronavirus.

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