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Coronavirus Voice of the Consumer Part 4: Emotions are taking their toll

With our 4th wave of insights across US, UK and Italy, we’re seeing consumers across markets trying to make sense of the pandemic and devastation which is impacting all facets of consumers’ lives.

Reflecting on the emotional journey that Americans, Brits and Italians have taken over the past month, we can see that their reactions and behaviours align closely with the Kubler-Ross 5-Stage of Grief.

The emotional toll is rife this week for consumers in all these markets. From fear and panic to skepticism, anxiety and anguish. Consumer anger is becoming less directed at governments, and targeted more toward those in the community who are “not behaving properly”.

And behaviours are also shifting as consumers recalibrate and define new terms to live by, and develop new habits and routines under lockdown. In addition, consumers are adopting more extreme personal prevention measures across all markets, influencing their behaviour in ways never before seen.

We’ll continue to track each week and you can review previous weekly results here. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the summary reports to date please get in touch by clicking here.

Keep safe.

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