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Coronavirus Voice of the Consumer Part 2: What do consumers in the UK and Italy Feel?

Last month we conducted a study among US consumers, to capture the consumer voice around Coronavirus and the impact it was making on travel plans. A month later and the situation has clearly developed. So what do consumers feel now? And are consumers in other countries, such as the UK and Italy, responding differently or the same?

We activated 100 consumers in each of the countries and found:

We’ll be tracking again next week to understand the perceptions, emotions and behaviours of consumers in all three countries as the situation continues to evolve. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the summary reports to date as well as for the next wave please get in touch by clicking here

Further Info: Using the Consumer Activation System™, we activated n = 100 18+ Nationally Representative Consumers in each of US, UK and Italy to complete quantitative and qualitative activities overnight March 6-7.


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