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Introducing the Catalyx Consumer Activation System™

You need to capture the thoughts, feelings, actions and desires of your consumers. You want to be in control, but supported when needed. And you want the findings translated into brand-building, action-focused insight.

So, do you use a resource-intensive “self-drive” DIY platform? Or a traditional “chauffeur- driven” big agency model?

How about neither?

The Catalyx Consumer Activation System™ allows you to customise, plan and track your research project journey alongside our teams. You can take the wheel whenever you want. But you’ll also receive expert service and support when needed.

How does it work?

The system boasts an expertly curated library of thousands of market-tested consumer activities to capture what your consumers DO, FEEL, THINK and WANT, in order to answer a vast range of research objectives.

It’s easy to configure – we can co-create and design your research project in minutes. And you can create new activities on demand.  You get complete visibility and total control. There’s real-time access to all consumer generated verbatims, images and videos. You can even engage directly with participants if you like.  

We synthesise all the data into key insights and actionable recommendations, delivered in outputs tailored to your needs – from visually compelling reports to insight videos to in- person workshops.

If you are ready to activate your consumers, please get in touch by visiting or by clicking below to arrange a demo.

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