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Your brand has consumer centricity, but does your research?

We talk a lot about consumer centricity, because we know that consumer centric companies are more profitable. However consumer centricity shouldn’t be limited to your brand, product or service. It should also extend to your research.

Here’s why. The consumer doesn’t really care about your new platform or technology. It’s likely they’ll care more about not wasting their time on your study, or feeling like they are of value to you.

So, the latest new research tool might help you access your consumer and help you gather more data, but if it doesn’t feel good for them and make them want to engage, then it just won’t work as well.

Woman in supermarket featuring consumer centricity

Accordingly, at Catalyx, we make your research consumer centric by:

1) Spending time designing an online environment aimed at making participants feel engaged, whilst still bringing together some of the newest and most effective research tools.

2) Creating a connected community by providing moderator-led support, ensuring participants are looked after and happy.

3) Designing studies full of interactive, engaging activities that participants want to complete.

This approach gives you smarter engagement, leading to better data, deeper insights and more strategic recommendations.

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