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How to create packaging that works at every touchpoint

You already know that packaging design is critical to brand image and identity. Which means there’s a lot to consider when bringing a new pack to market.
Such as; What does the pack do on-shelf? How will consumers use it in real-life? How will it perform online in e-commerce channels? And how can you communicate the benefits?
In the past, different challenges required different solutions. But what if you could answer all these questions in one place, all at the same time?
You could:
  • See what consumers do by capturing in-the-moment behavioural feedback both on-shelf and from e-commerce channels, along with metrics on key performance indicators.
  • See how current and new packaging is used at home via consumer-generated videos.
  • Quantitatively capture what the same consumers think and feel about any issues and improvements
  • Dynamically interact with your consumers to capture System 1 feedback
  • Engage with them qualitatively to deep dive into what they feel to co-create compelling new claims about the new packaging

The only way you can capture all this insight in one place via smarter consumer engagement is with the Catalyx approach.

If you would like to know more about how we can help test, optimise and communicate your packaging improvements, please click the below and we’ll be in touch.

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