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Build your data confidence

Data scandals over the past couple of years have left many marketers with a lack of data confidence. In a post Cambridge Analytica world, the trustworthiness of third-party data is now a serious consideration.

So you might want to collect more of it yourself. But the problem is, only 25% of marketers feel their own data is accurate! Caught between untrustworthiness and inaccuracy, getting good data is becoming a dilemma.

The way out of this is to build your own data self-confidence. Be smarter in how you engage your audience and in what data you capture. More data isn’t always better, but more relevance always is.  In turn, you will find more strategic insights and make better decisions.

Marketers with data confidence

At Catalyx, we can help you grow your data confidence. By putting your consumer at the heart of everything you do, we engage them in a smarter way, capture better data and transform it into consumer-validated, business building recommendations.

If you would like to know more about how Catalyx can help build your confidence in your own data, click below to get in touch.

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