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Mastering omnichannel path to purchase

Traditional research methods cannot keep pace with the growing number of platforms, sites and apps that a consumer has available to them to make their decision. 

Whilst a handful of tech companies have entered this space to provide behavioural data on what they are doing and when, this approach leaves you no more informed as to why the consumer is behaving in such a way.

And mobile ethnography doesn’t solve this either, as whilst the data can be more visual with pictures and video of the shopper journey it rarely gives you the opportunity to stop and ask the consumer questions in the moment. 

The best way to overcome this challenge is to create engaging tasks and mixed research methodologies to get a better understanding of the consumer and capture their “why”.

For example, when our global drinks client wanted to understand how to sell more via online grocery channels. 

To solve this we asked a group of consumers to record their online path to purchaseActivities included uploading images of touchpoints before shopping, as well as screen recording their online shop.
We also asked another group of shoppers to shop live whilst on a video link with our researchers. This allowed us to have real-time conversations as they went through their online shopping journey. This gave us the the why behind their decision making as well as the what.
To bring everything together, both groups were also engaged via a moderated community platformThis allowed us to pose a variety of questions and tasks to uncover their thoughts, feelings and ideas about online grocery shopping.

If you would like us to create a bespoke approach to understanding the why behind your consumers online path to purchase, then please click the below and we will be in touch.

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