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A Creative, A Developer and A Marketer Walk Into a Room…

Creative and Technology have been uncomfortable bedfellows over the years. The rise of tech-fuelled innovation has weakened the hold creative previously had on ideas. And by working in silos, new ideas don’t always have the purpose required to work at a human level once launched.

Here, you can view an interesting take on how Creative, Technology and Marketing need to work together to create the winning ideas of the future. It’s a vision for the future that we support, but there’s one thing missing – the consumer.

We’ve said it before, but consumer-centric organisations make more money. And if they only do part of the job and isolate their experts from the consumer, they won’t see the benefit.

The only way to develop consumer-centric solutions is by bringing your experts together around the consumer.

Like when we put the B2B clients and consumers of Verisure at the core of their marketing planning. Increased sales was the result. But the driver was the collective buy-in across teams, regions, clients AND consumers.

If you would like to know more about how we can connect your internal experts together around your consumer then please click the below to get in touch.

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