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How to be culturally relevant in every market

Consumers who see culturally relevant ads are x2.7 more likely to buy, 50% more likely to repurchase & x2.8 more likely to recommend your products .

Which is great, if the messaging is actually relevant. But get it wrong, and you’ll do serious damage to your brand. So how can you ensure that your cultural messaging will work?

Simply, those who understand it most – the audience – should be the ones who determine how relevant something is to their culture. And the only way of doing that is by putting the audience at the heart of your creative development process.

For example, one of our clients has used our consumer-centric approach to combine emotional response, heat mapping and critical analysis into quantitative assessment, to deliver richer feedback on their creative routes. 

The result? Consumer validated and culturally relevant creative to be used across all markets, with the added benefit of being so relevant it sparked a global conversation.  

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