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3 Consumer-Conundrums Solved with Consumer-Centric Insights

It’s obvious that you need to understand your consumer. But brands can sometimes be drawn into just capturing masses of data to achieve this. The problem? In the world of consumer-centric brand building, data alone gets you nowhere.

For example, you drive your normal route to work but today it’s jammed with traffic. The data is telling you the trip isn’t possible, but you don’t give up and head home (do you…!?) Instead you ask yourself “So how do I get to work?” You seek insight to give the data context (Why is the traffic so bad? Where else can I go?) and you develop an alternative route.

This is a simple example, but there are far more complex consumer-conundrums, some of which we’ve recently solved via building consumer-centric insights:

  1. We know GenZ are very environmentally conscious, but selling them green/eco labelled products isn’t the silver bullet as they are often perceived as expensive with false claims. So how do you persuade a GenZ’er that you are an environmentally conscious brand if you can’t tell them?
  2. 15% of U.S. Millennials claim to be Vegan at any one time yet we’ve found many fall off the wagon – making that a very fluid 15%. So, how can you embrace the rising trend of veganism yet at the same time provide meat products to the same audience?
  3. Packaging data tells us that minimalism is great for design and a premium feel, but men like info on their packs, not blank space. So how do you communicate premium to men without losing the info they crave?

Using our range of capabilities we can quickly unravel the behaviour and thoughts of your consumers and translate this into consumer-centric insights and recommendations.

If you would like to know more about how to use us to solve your particular consumer-conundrum, please click below.

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