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The Cherry On Top: Why Technology Needs Humans

Technology is here to make our lives more efficient, but technology needs humans. It isn’t here to replace everything we do, simply because it can’t (yet!)

Here’s an example. Did you know that the best tool in the world for placing cherries on top of a cake is a human? Sure, machines can do it, but, well, they just aren’t as good as people. Everything else in the factory might be automated, but the cherry (which is often the most expensive part) is placed there with a human touch.

Why technology needs humans

Like cake making, insight making can be made more efficient by embracing technology. But why can’t it yet be trusted with giving you the insight and recommendations you need? And what are its limitations in building a more consumer-centric business?

Catalyx believes that only by blending the best technology platforms with the best human brains can you make truly consumer-centric brand building decisions. While making the most of our cutting-edge technologies, we’re keeping the human touch in everything we do.

If you think there are more ways technology might be falling short, or just want us to show you new ways you can blend technology and humans please get in touch below! Discover our multichannel approaches to insight and find out what we do today.

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