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Consumers are fickle. They say one thing, but they do another. In all honestly, they might not even realise what they say and do are very different. Therefore, it’s important to understand both—claimed vs actual behaviour.

Like when we helped one of our clients to improve their brand shopper journey in the physical retail environment. Their consumers were “telling” them how they were shopping the category when they went on their regular grocery trip. However, when we measured their “true behaviour”, it was clear that consumers eventually shopped in specialist stores or online.

But why?

Once we used MISSION to capture how men shopped the products, it all became clear. Many supermarket shelves were just too cluttered and the range was limited. In reality, what men were doing was switching stores to more specialised outlets, or indeed ignoring bricks and mortar altogether and buying online.

Meaning retailers were seeing a sales declined in the category, even though their footfall was being maintained.

The recommendations made on the back of this insight gave the brand a strategic roadmap to improve the retail shopping experience, along with keeping their retail partners happy by increasing sales.

If you have business question that could be answered by observing your consumers, we’d love to discuss how we could help.

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