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MRMW EU 2019: 4 research challenges and how you can overcome them

A little over two weeks ago we attended MRMW EU, enjoying some fantastic talks about research challenges and some great networking. Since then, we’ve been identifying some key overall research challenges. Now, we can show you below how we believe we can help you overcome them:

1 – Consumer-centric companies remain more profitable than those who are not. But it can be hard to truly put the consumer at the heart of your creative & innovation processHere’s how we believe we can overcome this challenge

2 – Data does not equal insight. The available options to gather data continue to grow, but processing it, analysing it and turning it into strategic, actionable insights remains a specialist skillset. We can transform data into killer insights that can then be applied to the real world.

3 – Bridging the gap between what consumers say they do, and what they actually do, is still a challenge. We have a specifically designed blend of capabilities that can help you understand consumer behaviour better, and in a more realistic way.

4 – Finally, we should all try to broaden our horizons by finding opportunities to use research as a force for good – whether that’s designing happier living spaces (Bonava) or combating the influence of fake news on children in Romania (Unlock / Brain4Strategy). We’re proud to say it can also be used to innovate changes that make differences to people’s lives.

Marketers facing research challenges

If you would like a copy of our presentation, get in touch. Find out how we merged crowd-sourcing, sensory research and online diaries to create new insights for a consumer-centric launch.

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