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Measure brand equity in the words of your consumers

Are you measuring your brand equity? The beauty category is allusive. Consumers are always looking for the next new thing. Just Google beauty trends and hundreds of articles pop up.

On top of this, the young, start-up brands are not just DTC. They are carving their own space in the retail environment. For example check out this article about the Beauty & Money conference in NY last year from Forbes.

Of course, all established brands want to stay relevant so they can keep ahead of challengers and new entrants, so measuring brand equity in this context is important as ever. Catalyx feel there’s a smarter way to do this, like when we helped recommend communication strategies to our client once we had observed how their products were truly seen through the eyes of their consumers.

This wasn’t just shopper journey and product usage, but also influencer content, digital content and what they happened to chat about over a coffee. The team were able to validate plenty, but also learn a lot as well, especially how the brand and products were described in the users words and how they truly felt about the products.

After just two weeks, the brand had identified how their product played a role in the lives of both new and established users, and were able to communicate effectively to both, without alienating either.

If you have business question that could be answered by observing your consumers, we’d love to discuss how we could help. Find out what we do today.

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