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Dispelling Consumer Myths With True Consumer Behaviour

The media is very good at creating consumer myths that then everyone starts to believe. For example, “everyone” will be wearing Google Glasses…gluten is always bad for you…millennials are more likely to be vegan…

But you really need to see how people behave in real life to understand if these things are true, or not. This is how MISSION can help. It allows you to capture real behaviour and then convert it into true insight that will dispel certain hyped up myths.

Let’s take the example from the food and beverage category. The media tells us “veganism” is all the rage, with Millennials leading the pack. See these articles from Forbes and The Economist:

So, we decided to find out for ourselves. We used MISSION to track Millennials’ daily activities by asking them to share images and videos of themselves and their world, and also what inspires them and their choices.

Here is what we found in just one week:

So clearly, observing what consumers actually do, rather than believing just what we’re told they do, helps us understand them far better.

If you want to better understand your consumers and not just their consumer myths, we’d love to discuss how we could help.

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