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Capture behaviour in-store, at home, or just out and about

You’ve got tons of data about your consumers. More than perhaps you know what to do with. But often, you just want to get beyond trackers and metics to see what consumers are actually doing. Because, in the real world, human behaviour cannot always be explained in numbers.

Like when we helped our client avoid a costly mistake when, after an expensive relaunch, the product just wasn’t hitting the sales numbers. If it wasn’t the brand, then it had to be the product.

But before they spent millions changing things up, they used MISSION to understand the real reason the product wasn’t selling. Observing how consumers both shopped and used the product, we learned that the retail environment with copycat products and poor POS as actually to blame – it was never the product.

As a result, the brand were able to invest and improve those areas and arrested the decline. A huge moment in decision making, all based on understanding true consumer behaviour.

If you have business question that could be answered by observing your consumers, we’d love to discuss how we could help.

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