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Catalyx launches update for their PulseCheck tool

Pulsecheck – the speed of DIY with the quality of full service research

01 November 2018,Geneva, Switzerland

Catalyx, the multi award marketing company innovating the crowdsourcing and collective intelligence space, has updated its PulseCheck tool to empower their clients with knowledge and confidence to launch new ideas. 

Big new ideas in the pipeline are all well and good, but impactful market research can be the difference between a thorough execution and endless deliberation. This is where PulseCheck comes to the rescue. 

The PulseCheck enables you to differentiate between up to 5 ideas in a cost and time-efficient way. You can validate and improve concepts, copy, claims, names or anything else that you need. Market research is all about targeting the right people for your brand and asking the right questions that evaluate your KPIs in the best possible way. These could be the appeal of your brand, relevance of a new product, purchase intent or brand fit for certain demographics – the possibilities are adaptive and endless. 

“This is a tool with the speed of a DIY research and the quality of a full service research. And the result is thoroughly researched, actionable recommendations, ready within 7 days of ordering the project. That confidence in results is invaluable for a company on the edge of making vital decisions,” said Guy White, the CEO of Catalyx. 

Find out more about the PulseCheck on the Catalyx website or get in touch .

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