The Challenge

Fundraising is often a challenge for many charities, therefore the Children Society sought to understand better the needs and aspirations of their most affluent consumers that will enable them to innovate fresh fundraising ideas and create an exciting innovation springboard for these consumers. We explored the behaviours of 100 consumers above their 50s to unravel their needs and aspirations as well as main trial drivers and barriers to donating for each of them.

Our Answer

We discovered that for people after their 50s the more life events accumulated/ triggers received, the more they get reminded that life is short and must be lived in the now! That’s when these people start to reconsider their life and start thinking of giving back to society more. However, to consider a charity it needs to connect with them on a personal level, focus on the impact it creates and have an impeccable reputation.


Leveraging these insights, we generated a multitude of ideas to engage with these age groups, one of many being the creation of an interactive community map which shows the places, causes & people that need help, attention & focus and stimulate people to help while keeping their impact as transparent as possible to the community.