Creating a Customer Centric Mindset at a Leading Swiss Bank

The Challenge

Credit Suisse wanted to embed the idea of co-creation and customer-centricity into its organisation. They asked Catalyx to show the organisation the power of crowdsourcing and to raise the organisational interest into the use of internal crowdsourcing for product development and innovation.

Our Answer

On this occasion we felt getting back to the classroom would work best. So we created a "crowdsourcing Day" - inviting key Credit Suisse stakeholders to join us for a workshop designed to educate, intrigue and excite participants on the power of using crowdsourcing and social working to co-create products and solutions at large organisations. Full of case studies, anecdotes and giveaways the workshop helped to remove the intrigue and unease about collaborative working and our helpful exercises helped the participants to identify how this would work specifically for them and in their culture As a nice output, apart from learning about moderating “crowds”, we developed a “moderation handbook”, comprised of all the key aspects talked about during the workshop.


A once sceptical organisation now is excited about bringing crowdsourcing into its product and innovation process.