Get 100's of Winning Ideas with Consumer-Centric Co-Creation

As you’ll already know (and we’ve said many times) being consumer-centric is critical to long-term success, and leads to increased profit.

But, co-creating new ideas and innovation only with your consumer makes some nervous as it can lead you to a cliff edge. On the flip side, designing without the consumer is not a great recipe for success either.

So what’s the answer? We believe you should:

  1. Co-create with consumers to get the foundational direction of where to go 
  2. Build this with your experts
  3. Work hand-in-hand with the consumer to make sure they love what is being designed.

Of course you should always do this by building a deep understanding of consumer needs, drivers and emotions as you go. Three examples of how our clients have taken this approach have been:  

  • Creating winning concepts that were ranked in the top 10% by a third party validation test by discovering, creating, meeting & evaluating with their consumers through the process
  • Developing a more personal connection between brand and consumer via claims by discovering deep emotional drivers from a 1-day consumer workshop
  • Sparking a global brand conversation by uncovering controversial ideas surfaced via a fast quali-quant approach across 4 countries

If you would like to ensure you have a process which enables the best ideas to bubble to the top and then turn them into compelling innovation, click on the button below and we can show you how.

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