Do you want bigger market research budgets?

You all know that listening to the consumer is of critical importance when trying to increase profit. But at the same time, you'll know that budgets are regularly cut, making it harder to listen to them.

A lack of genuine consumer-centric insight could be driving this. As a researcher, you’ll know how to do it and the benefits of the approach, but it remains a challenge to make that value travel internally. Which means that if others in your organisation haven’t yet seen the value, then the consumer is not, in reality, at the core of your decision making. 

Which effects the ROI from your budget. Which makes your budget easier to cut. 

So what's the answer? 

To get budgets increased you have to prove internally that more consumer insight (rather than data) creates better business decisions that drive better ROI.

This is why we promise that you always get the findings, insight and recommendations you need. We'll partner together - you, us and your stakeholders - around your consumer. Because we know that when we put consumers alongside brand and creative experts, magic happens.

For example, with two of our clients:

  • Verisure - put their B2B clients at the core of their marketing planning to create a coherent Europe-wide comms strategy, creating buy-in across teams and regions, and increasing sales
  • Expedia Group - put students at the core of their graduate recruitment planning in Japan to better understand how to attract the best local talent, resulting in a new channel strategy and communications approach that has re-directed recruitment spend and effectiveness. 

Would you like to prove ROI and keep your budgets healthy? If so, then please click the below and we'll talk you through how.

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